Tonight, we honored the 9th tradition

“AA as such should never be organized….”  The meeting I went to this evening proved that to be true for our group.

Tonight I arrived at 5:15 for the 5:30 meeting.  That’s late for me.  Years ago I had a sponsor tell me that if I wasn’t 30 minutes early to consider myself  late.

Several people asked me if I had a key to the building.  Since I make the coffee and set up on Saturday nights I have a key to the church.  I made the coffee; several other members started setting up chairs.  Someone brought in some delicious cookies.  I asked someone to chair the meeting and unorganized as we were, we had a great meeting.

Somehow no one remembered that the person who used to make the coffee on Friday nights announced several times during the last few weeks that she could no longer make the coffee on Fridays.  In keeping with the 9th tradition, we did not get a replacement.  I guess it took sitting in the meeting for 30 minutes before the coffee was brewed to motivat us to get organized.  Someone volunteered to be the new Friday coffee maker.

I knew that one day coming up we would not have the use of the church.  I couldn’t remember what that day was.  At the end of tonight’s meeting some one reminded us that there would not be a meeting tomorrow night because of a church function.  I was glad to hear that because I was planning to be there tomorrow night to make the coffee.

The topic for tonight’s meeting was, “There is a solution.”  Thankfully, “the solution” to staying sober is not necessarily being a well organized group.

I mentioned the 9th tradition in this post.  Here is a gift for you.  It’s a very interesting 5 page eBook on the history of the traditions.  It was compiled from the following sources:

  1. Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
  2. AA Comes of Age
  3. Bill W by Francis Hartigan
  4. Bill W by Robert Thompson
  5. Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers
  6. General Service Conference (final report identified by year of issue)
  7. Grateful to Have Been There by Nell Wing
  8. Grapevine (identified by year and month of issue)
  9. The Language of the Heart
  10. Lois Remembers
  11. Pass It On
  12. AA Service Manual and Twelve Concepts for World Service

We sure like things in twelves don’t we?

The book is a PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer.  This is a free item.  If you do not already have it click here to download it.

Once you have the Adobe Acrobat reader click here to download the report.

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